About Us

We are a ATV/UTV Club serving western and central Massachusetts. Patriots was formed in 2018 by A group of individuals who wanted to look for a possible land opportunities for riding. We have recently taken over maintaining the Hollow Brook Farms parcel in Brimfield which is an 8 mile private trail system open to patriots members. The landowner has one restriction sport quads are not allowed on his property. only 4 x 4 ATV and side-by-side are allowed. However sport quad riders can still join and go on rides with us.

We are grateful for this property and continue to look for trail systems in western and central mass.

We are a family oriented club and promote good conduct, sportsmanship, safety, and good conservation practices and to assist when called during rescue operations. We would like to be known as a club striving to protect our Land, while improving our riding areas. This will take a lot of attention from our club we are working with the state officials and landowners to accomplish this. We hope to work together in our mission to make our sport more enjoyable. Safety is always our number one priority.

The main functions of this club are as follows.

  1. To protect the land and future of ATVs.
  2. To look for land opportunities in western and central Massachusetts.
  3. Assist the public and private landowners in developing new trail systems.
  4. Improve our image of ATV riders.
  5. To respond to rescue operations when dispatched.
  6. We will educate the public about ATVs.
  7. Bring riders together.